“No,” I sheepishly mumbled.
No, I hadn’t looked up once this entire ride.
As I struggled through a flat session, I asked a fellow rider to throw out ideas or comments about my ride as she saw fit. She didn’t even need a second to think about it — the reason I was struggling was because I was staring at my horse’s ears. Every rider, in their first riding lesson, learns the importance of looking where they’re going. But, like many riders do, I had forgetting this simple rule, or at least forgot to adhere to it, and I was seriously jeopardizing the quality of my training session.
Right after hearing this simple statement, I became aware of my error and addressed it. Within strides, my ride improved. Never underestimate the simple things; never forget the “rules” we learn in the beginning; Turns out they were taught to us for a very good reason.